road salt for export rock salt

road salt for export rock salt

we provides best offers for Export melting ice from siwa egypt to Europe Canada, America and Russia including all quality certificates

sea salt for export from egypt

sea salt for export from egypt

Our company provides best offers for export prices of sea salt and industrial salt including quality certificates

تصدير ملح سيوة

تصدير ملح سيوة

نقدم لسيادنكم ملح سيوة بأعلى المواصفات العالمية افضل اسعار تصدير الملح الصخرى من مصر شامل جميع الشهادات العالمية تسليم فوب و سيف لجميع الموانى العالمية , نوفر كميات كبيرة بجميع المواصفات التى تطلبها الحكومات فى اوروبا و امريكا و روسيا و كندا سابقة اعمل متميزة

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Egyptian company works in the field of salt production

from the most

we have pure salines in Siwa Oasis and

Qattara Depression which

contains the highest concentration

of the sodium chloride 


we produce all kinds of salt : –

Rock salt which use in ice melting salt ( de-icing salt ) ,

and also use in the industrial purposes

– washed salt – food salt

our produces a tremendous quantities of Rock Salt ,

Solar Salt & Halite Salt from its salines

in Siwa Oasis in

The Egyptian Western Desert which is

considered a nature reserve

Ability Production per month = 500 000 MT

egyptian snow. Salt is the ideal deicing

material because:

• It prevents and melts ice and snow quickly.

• yes siwa salt is the least expensive deicer.

• now siwa salt is easy to spread.

• It is non-toxic and harmless to skin and clothing.

• It has low environmental impact in

production and when used and stored properly.

• It’s siwa salt ( rock salt ) is highly efficient,

needing only a relatively low rate of application.

• only siwa salt ( road salt ) is easy to store and handle.

• It is widely-occurring and readily available 


siwa salt for deicing salt


Bulk in General Cargo Vessel .

Anti – caking :- 100% PPM

Bulk in 20 FT Containers.

Packed in 10 , 25 , 50 Kgs Bags over

wooden pallet ( in 20 FT Container ).

Packed in 1 Ton Bag ( Jumbo Bag )

Bulk in General Cargo Vessel.

Packed in 10 , 25 , 50 Kgs Bags

inside 1 Ton Bag ( Jumpo Bag )

Packed in 1 Ton Bag ( Jumbo Bag )

( in 20 FT Container ).


Washed Industrial Salt for export :-

Washed Industrial Salt which is used for

the various industrial uses

like:- Chemicals , Petrochemical ,

Glass , Paper , Textile ,

Ironworks ,Detergents , Gasworks .

Adjusting sodium oxide ( Na2O ) content .

– Dyeing and bleaching.

– For neutralization purposes.

– Waster paper processing.

– Production of tanning auxiliaries.

– Purifying gases, desulfurization and

– Saponification of fats, oils, detergents. 

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